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Our web hosting solutions can fullfill all needs of small and large-medium business webhosting, ecommerce web hosting, linux web hosting and windows hosting. Finding cheap internet website hosting in Kolkata and in Eastern parts of India has never been easier. Technology and bandwidth are getting less expensive every day and the cost of website hosting is going down just the same. Many people and small business owners of Indian internet web business have hesitated going online with a website because they don't think they can afford to do it. They have taken a look at the large amount of money big companies are spending on their websites and hosting. But the reality is, most companies can use a cheap Indian website hosting provider and stay well within a budget.

Windows 2016 Hosting ASP.NET -

  1. Host Multiple Independent Websites in one plan.
  2. Manage all your web sites from One Control Panel.
  4. ASP.NET AJAX Hosting upto version 4.7 fully supported.
  5. MVC, Silverlight Hosting and MSSQL Hosting.
  6. Visual Studio 2017 .NET Accelerated.
  7. High Performance ASP.NET Hosting 3.5 AJAX
  8. Windows Server 2016
  9. Hosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Server

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